Enjoy Australia with the ones you love


Moving to Australia can be an incredibly enjoyable experience if you have your family or partner to share it with. As such, the Australian Visa system allows Australian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor close family members and partners.

Candidates should approach these visa applications with care as there could be hidden complexities affecting the processing time, evidence validity and final result.

Everyone has a unique family background and life situation with different requirements needing to be met. Therefore, we assess all client cases with due diligence, on an individual basis.


The Australian visa system has a very specific set of visas and requirements for Australian residents and citizens to sponsor their life partners for a Permanent visa to Australia.

Because of the wide range of cultural and legal relationship variables that can be found around the world, the Australian government has placed a strict set of rules of how a relationship is accepted in Australia.

If you are married, about to get married, or in a de-facto relationship, contact us to minimise the risk and simplify the visa process.


Do not hesitate to contact us to find the options for a child, parent or other family member.